Saturday, 14 April 2007

Our Lake...

Well... after 6 months of snow, we're finally seeing some signs of spring! Only up here in the north can it go from -15 to +23 in only a matter of days... leaving a really rapid melting mess to contend with!

We celebrated the warm weather by having a snowball fight... in our t-shirts! It was fun, but poor Alex sure had a hard time keeping his balance in the slush.

And now... just cause I haven't posted enough of Connor lately... here' s my 3.5 month old!
And, courtesy of Aunty Lindsay, who purchase matching pj's for my boys for Christmas... here's a photo of my little jailbirds! Enjoy and Happy Spring!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Alex is pretty excited about Easter this year. He's convinced that the sneaky Easter Bunny is going to leave him lots and lots of chocolate when he's not looking. I'd like to teach him the true meaning of Easter... but I haven't yet. How do you explain crucifixion to a two-year old without causing him nightmares??? So for now, we'll just share with him the Hallmark version of Easter and the fun traditions that go along with it.

Alex was pretty determined to colour eggs with Grandma last Sunday, so I went to Superstore to grab a kit and a dozen eggs (Grandma only had two... what fun would that have been?) He really enjoyed himself and has wanted to eat eggs every day this week. Here's a few photos of the fun.

This year we decided that Alex did NOT need candy or stuffed animals or any of your traditional Easter basket fare... so we decided to ask the Easter Bunny to give the boys something really special. It took 4 hours in the freezing cold for us to put together... but it's going to be sooo worth it Sunday morning when they see it (well Alex anyway!)

We built it on the deck because there's still a foot of rock-hard snow in our yard... so I guess the next challenge will be getting it off of the deck and onto the grass. Who knew April would still feel like the dead of winter?