Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Vanderhoof Flood

This was the ball diamond last Thursday. We haven't been down to check it out lately, but I assume it's getting worse. Ball games have been cancelled for the season.
Riverside Park... the road in is closed and the walking paths are almost completely flooded over.

Seagulls... in Vanderhoof... in the park?!?
Here's the view, as of last Thursday, when you could still see the road around the park. It's gone now... just haven't taken an updated picture.
Goes without saying...

Saturday, 16 June 2007

And... the 3 monthers...

Better late then never!

I purchased portrait CD's for my two sessions, Connor's 1 month and Connor's 3 month portraits. Sears called up a few weeks ago and offered to sell me the CD's, and thus, the copyright, for $20. I figured, what the heck, that way if the baby photos on the wall fade, I can just reprint them... so, here they are! It's crazy how much Connor has changed in 5 short months --- he's blonde now, for one thing!

Alex is 2 1/2 years old here... my little cowboy!

Connor is 1 month old in these...

And, my boys... hmm, Alex, that kiss looks a little violent...?

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

5 months old!!!

Here is my monthly "portrait"... Connor turned 5 months old on June 1st (it's so easy to keep track of this boy's age...) This is him sitting on the quilt that my Mom and her friend, Jill, made for Connor.
At 5 months old, even though he's changed so much, Connor is still in so many ways, helpless. He's not able to sit up yet --- without being propped and having us nearby. He has rolled on to his back from his stomach a few times, but nothing consistent. He isn't eating solids yet, but he did impress us with his natural ability to drink water from a sippy cup. I think he's been paying careful attention to his older brother, because I offered him a cup a couple of days ago and he knew exactly what to do with it!

Connor has two teeth now... on the bottom. We're still battling excema, but it's cleared up a lot since we picked up a prescription cream for it. His cradle cap comes and goes. This morning Alex said "shouldn't you put oil on his head again... but not lawnmower oil" LOL the stuff that comes out of that boy's mouth! I love it!

Alex has been taking gymnastics. We drive him in to PG every Saturday for his 45 minute lesson. Some days he likes it better than others. It's very hard to get a decent picture of him due to the lighting in the gym or the distance away. This is one of the clear ones.
Alex is rolling out cookie dough here. He wanted to bake cookies with Grandma so badly. We took every cookie cutter we own to PG on Sunday and they had fun baking together. Even though it was 36 degrees outside, Mom and Dad's air-conditioned house means they can bake year-round!