Thursday, 27 October 2011

Creative Writing

My boys are very creative (in my mama-biased opinion). I think they are fantastic little artists and I can't wait to see where their talents take them. Here's a little sampling of some of the work that is produced at our kitchen table:

Connor - "The Pants Pirates"

"Once there was pants pirates trying to find an island, looking for buried treasure"

"and then they were trying to find some more buried treasure. And then they started swimming with their boat there."

"and then the pants pirates are starting to dig."

"And then the chest popped out of the sand. And then the chest started to mess up the rainbow."

"and then it started messing up the colours of the ocean."

"and then there was a copy of him with banana and orange eyes." (Not too sure where my little guy was going with this train of thought. I think he probably just really wanted to draw fruit in his book)

"Kaboom!" (obligatory explosion)

(pictures of gold exploding from the chest)

"And all the gold flyed out everywhere!"

Alex: "Socks at the Circus"

"Socks at the Circus: A book"

"When the socks go to the circus, they're charging to the line. They don't want to miss the juggling or the sky jumping."

"When the sockkeeper starts talking, everyone is quiet. And then they turn to the plays."

"They see the jumping and splooshing and everyone claps."

"They dive off the board and make a big splash and you suddenly hear claps."

"They go and watch the juggling and they juggle their friends. They juggle socks and underpants and shirts and pants."

"And they see the lion tamer and it is a blast!"

"Then the Master Sock is done the fair; he tells everyone to go."

"And every sock went back to their house and they were all sad. But then the circus opened up next Thursday!"

Something else that I discovered...

This discovery made me giggle. I call it, "Fun with fridge magnets!" We have a magnetic hangman game... and a 911 reminder. Never thought to pair them up!

Connor assembled the magnets initially. Alex, upon finding it when he got home from school, added the caption.

Quiz time!!!

Well, no free giveaways or prizes or anything... but you get Supreme Bragging Rights if you can tell me what these block creations are that I discovered on the piano the other day. A true follower of my blog should be able to figure it out! I'll give you a hint... Alex made them! :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

The changing seasons...

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was a kid. And I was pretty good at it. I won money for a poem I wrote about Remembrance Day when I was in Grade 6. That was cool!

But, then I grew up. And suddenly life got excessively busy and I turned to far more practical hobbies --- like scrapbooking, facebooking, laundry and spending time with my children --- in no particular order!

So the only real writing I do now is emails and blog posts, save the odd creative spurt in November (10 days to go and counting) when I indulge in the whirlwind world of Nanowrimo.

Still... inspiration struck me this morning when I awoke to the first signs of winter.

The trees stretch out their naked arms,
The leaves give up their valiant fight.
Autumn lays to rest its weary guard,
Brother Winter now in sight.
Outside my frosted window,
The white flakes slowly whisper down,
The quiet morning glitters,
On the dusted white, wet ground.
The cool dawn air is crisp and clean,
The snow blanketing the grass,
A telling chill kisses the morning,
Mother Nature, can kiss my ass!