Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sheer, muddy joy!

The first jump was all her idea!  We didn't see it coming.  After that... well, the dress is probably ruined anyway, so I figured we might as well let her have fun!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Napowrimo again

Well, it's April! 30 poems in 30 days.  I'm just not feeling it this year.  I think I might actually, officially, be too busy to do all the hobbies I love to do. But, I gave it a whirl.  Not my best.  Not my worst.  Which is surprisingly in keeping with the theme of my poem.

Or... maybe I'm not too busy.  Maybe I spend too much time binge-watching The Walking Dead.  Regardless, poem #1 is posted on my neglected writing blog. Check back there this month to see the rest of them.


Just to save you the click, here's the poem here, too:

1. Happy Hump Day

You are not the slow, sleepy build up,
Nor are you the thrill of the release,
People don't disdain to face you,
Nor greet your arrival with relief,

While they don't exude enthusiasm,
They don't fervently wish you on your way,
You're somewhere in the middle,
You're just kind of, sort of okay.

You fall somewhat short of greatness,
Landing this side of resignation,
You're not all that exciting,
You're weak with anticipation.

You're not the beginning of the work week,
But you certainly don't signal that it's through,
I can't say that you're all that bad, and yet,
No one ever says, “TGIW.”

© 2015 Laura Freeman All Rights Reserved



Friday, January 16, 2015

Making Tracks

Went for a walk with the kids tonight.  We came across deer prints on our street.  I pointed them out and we all stopped to admire them.  A little further on one of my kids says, "What kind of tracks are those?"

"Cat," I reply. "That looks like cat prints."

"What about those ones?"

"Those are the deer as well."  We continued to follow the deer tracks up the street, watching as they criss-crossed with the path of our neighbour's cat. My youngest, getting in on the game, got excited and said, "Those?"

"Those are people tracks," I say, wisely.

"Ooh," she says, impressed. Then she got really excited... "Wook Mommy, Wook!  Pikachu tracks!"

I laughed, as did her siblings, who then got into a heated discussion about what Pikachu tracks might look like.

We walk a little further and she exclaimed delightedly over the "car tracks."
Then, towards then end of our walk, we came across a huge footprint. Huge.  She squeals, absolutely overcome with excitement, "Wook! Wook! Daddy Tracks!"

BAHAHAHAHAHA!  Walking at the kids' meandering pace might not be very good exercise, but it sure is good for the soul!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Never a dull moment...

We didn't make the decision to have a fourth child lightly.  Or quickly.  She's 4.5 years younger than Kirstin.  Our family of 5 felt right.  We almost stopped there.   I'm so glad we didn't.  This two year old makes us laugh every day.  The other night after we'd tucked in the older kids and it was Brooklynn's turn to be tucked in.  Heading upstairs to her room, I stopped to put a couple of things away, and turned my back for a second.  She was gone.  I found her in Alex's bed, covers pulled up to her chin and Alex laughing so hard tears were flowing.  "What's so funny?"  I asked.  He replied, between giggles, "When she ran into my room she said, 'Shew, that was a close one!'"

Yup, never a dull moment with a toddler in the house.  

Here's a couple of photos for you to enjoy!

 (Yes, that is the dog's water dish...)

"Hey, has anyone seen Brooklynn?"

"Oh, never mind, I found her.  She's taking a nap!"

Wednesday, December 31, 2014