Friday, 13 January 2012

I stand corrected...

Wow... well my rant yesterday may have been premature. As were countless other rants that graced cyberspace.

Apparently, after the news leaked about the couple seeking divorce who learned that their Canadian marriage was not legally recognized, due to their being residents of locales that don't recognized marriage rights for all... (I'm adding three dots here to distract you from the fact that I'm about to write a really long run-on sentence)... the government (or more correctly, whoever is the media spokesperson for the government) came out as publicly stating that the marriage laws have to be re-written so that this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Or something along those lines.

Basically... Yes, so your country (or state) doesn't recognize a Canadian marriage as legal because it's not legal where you live... but here in Canada it is STILL going to be considered legal. Yay! That is a good stance for our right-wing leadership party to be taking. And really, the only stance to take.

Let's all exhale a litttle bit, shall we! :)

It'll be interesting to see how this continues to unfold!

Thank you Eric (my little bro!) for the link that you shared via "comments" on my yesterday post. It was a very interesting read.

P.S. I'm still never voting Conservative!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A step backwards...

Same-sex marriage was legalized in my province in 2003, second only to Ontario. It followed rapidly through the remainder of the provinces and territories and was legalized nationwide by 2005. So, of course, thousands of couples have flooded into our country to have their marriage-like relationships legally recognized.

And we can be proud of that. Sure, it was a long time in coming. But it came. So let's embrace it and be proud of it. Let's hold it up as a shining example to our neighbours that still struggle to fight their own systemic prejudiced policies.



Apparently, our conservative government has suggested that Canada's stance on human rights only applies if you're Canadian.

And apparently, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, a lesbian couple married in our country in 2005, are now embroiled in a court case because they've been told that they cannot legally get divorced... because they are not legally married. The government appears to be taking the position that if the couple cannot legally be married in their home country (or home state), then they cannot legally be married in Canada.


And this is just coming up now? Wouldn't it have been nicer to tell them their marriages are fakes before they paid for their fake marriage licenses?

If I was one of the thousands that had been married here under false pretences, I'd be pissed! Thankfully, I was lucky to be born heterosexual.

At least, I'm pretty sure I am. Maybe I just haven't met the right woman yet?

Regardless, right now, no backwards politicians are threatening the legality of my marriage. No one is even questioning it.

But for my gay and lesbian counterparts who also pledged their love to their chosen partners on Canadian soil... well, now they're suddenly finding their marriage bonds threatened. Because by telling people that their marriages are not legal because they happen to live in a country that hasn't embraced the concept of human rights for all yet, we're also telling people that DO live in Canada, "You're next... we're coming after you next!"

Way to go Ottawa!

And I guess what that also suggests is that we're setting a precedent. A very dangerous one. A precedent that threatens to squash the very thing that makes me proud to be Canadian. Our liberal-minded, national policies. Because now, it looks like if something is illegal in your country, maybe it's illegal here, too. But just for you. Because you're not Canadian. So screw your rights... they're null.

So if you're coming to our country to escape oppressive, sexist or racist policies... you'd better don your burquas and make sure you're not showing us any skin, cause that's not going to fly here.


Not in Canada!