Sunday, 6 April 2008


Easter - we took an sudden trip down to Nelson in the wake of Grandpa's death... to make the trip more bearable on my little one, I turned his car seat around the morning we left. He enjoyed being forward face and sure looked like a little boy, instead of the 14 month "baby" he was.

Colouring eggs with the cousins... sorry, Leona, love this photo of your son so I hope it's okay that I posted it! And, below, Connor didn't want to miss a thing - he thinks he's actively participating, but he's really just watching the older boys.

Just some random photos of my boys because I don't post very often... and because they're just so darn cute!!! :) Connor - post birthday party. It really wiped him out! :)
And Alex, post birthday party, resting on the couch after he got home, because he smashed his face on the floor (I'm not sure what he tripped on) and sported a bloody nose for the rest of the party because he wouldn't sit still long enough for it to stop.
The sippy cup brothers!
Invading my scrapbook corner (ahh... I remember the days when I had an entire bedroom to scrapbook in... when was that... oh yeah... 3.5 years BC --- before children!)
So innocent when they're asleep! :)

And, lastly... 32 weeks pregnant... it looks at lot smaller from above --- but no less scary. My midwife assures me that, yes, I look large for dates but that baby doesn't palpate any larger than average (of course, she said that about Connor too, so I think she's just being nice!) :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008