Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Napowrimo again

Well, it's April! 30 poems in 30 days.  I'm just not feeling it this year.  I think I might actually, officially, be too busy to do all the hobbies I love to do. But, I gave it a whirl.  Not my best.  Not my worst.  Which is surprisingly in keeping with the theme of my poem.

Or... maybe I'm not too busy.  Maybe I spend too much time binge-watching The Walking Dead.  Regardless, poem #1 is posted on my neglected writing blog. Check back there this month to see the rest of them.

Just to save you the click, here's the poem here, too:

1. Happy Hump Day

You are not the slow, sleepy build up,
Nor are you the thrill of the release,
People don't disdain to face you,
Nor greet your arrival with relief,

While they don't exude enthusiasm,
They don't fervently wish you on your way,
You're somewhere in the middle,
You're just kind of, sort of okay.

You fall somewhat short of greatness,
Landing this side of resignation,
You're not all that exciting,
You're weak with anticipation.

You're not the beginning of the work week,
But you certainly don't signal that it's through,
I can't say that you're all that bad, and yet,
No one ever says, “TGIW.”

© 2015 Laura Freeman All Rights Reserved