Sunday, 22 August 2010

The End of Innocence

My daughter is learning from her older brothers --- namely the 6 year-old who picked up some obnoxious little boy habits in Kindergarten this past year. Not only is poop humour hilarious these days, everyone is stupid too. An example of this, my daughter has a doll whom she affectionately calls "stupid-baby". I have only my oldest to blame for that. And you know he taught her to say that, because of the way he cracks up whenever she does.

So... here's her latest vocabulary acquisition...

Kirstin - "You're a dummy!"
Me (appalled) - "I'm not a dummy!"
Kirstin (laughing) - "Yes, you're a dummy!"
Me - "Do you even know what a dummy is?"
Kirstin - "Yes."
Me - "Oh yeah, then what's a dummy?"
Kirstin - "Mama!"

Yeah, I walked right into that one...

My innocent little toddler

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Going up in smoke...

I just thought I'd share some photos of what it looks like when the town is under an air quality advisory due to the fact that the entire province seems to be experiencing an apocolyptic wildfire pandemic.

We're not under evacuation alert yet, and I don't think that we will be, but several communities in the area are. If I knew how to do a rain dance, I'd be doing it. Unfortunately all we seem to be getting is lightning and strong winds, so someone's dancing out of step.

Beautiful British Columbia, you're going up in flames! :( My commute home, at approximately 4pm. It looks more like dusk, but believe it or not, the sun was blazing.

More 4pm photos. In this one you can actually see a cloud, but it's almost obscured by the smoke.

The sun...

Smoke drifting in front of the sun... weird eclipse-like sky.

A bit of blue sky on the horizon, proving that, yes, it is actually daylight!

This one was taken about 6pm. Still about 3 hours too early for the sunset. I kept looking around expecting to see a tornado or something.

Our house silhouetted by the lovely brown sky. Should the fires get any closer, we're definitely in trouble. Note how dry our lawn is? Yikes!
I left the windows open last night to cool the house down during the windstorm, because in this relentless heat, it's been unbearably stuffy in here every evening. It definitely worked, but it also filled it with a the pleasant smell of campfire and left us with sore throats and itchy eyes.
Off to figure out that rain dance again!