Thursday, 28 March 2013

A little spring inspiration

Warm breeze teases my pale winter skin,
As sun beams dance across the yard.
The sky is clear, a dusty powder blue,
The covered ground, still cold and hard.

The geese call out as they fly overhead,
Home from their winter's long sojourn.
A robin brightly greets the world, a sign
Of hope, of nature new reborn.

Tulips poke out from the frosty gardens,
To drink, thirsty, the new spring air.
Children emerge, and happy, greet the sun,
Boots and t-shirts, clashing outer wear.

I stand there on this lovely springtime day,
I smile at the welcome scene,
I inhale deep; the scent of damp, sweet morning,
It smells like dog poo.

- Laura Freeman -
March 28, 2013

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Future bestseller...

I have an idea for a book.  It's going to be a bestseller (well, I'll buy a few copies, anyway).  Sort of an Erma Bombeck meets Bill Cosby book.  I'll have a series of essays about my children and the quirky things they say and do.  An extension of my facebook statuses (statii?  statusii?)

So far, all I've got is a title.  "Reflections on Motherhood".  And the cover art.  My smudged bathroom mirror.
Why is it that the easiest surface in the house to clean is the hardest thing to keep clean?

Why?  Tell me why?????