Thursday, 28 March 2013

A little spring inspiration

Warm breeze teases my pale winter skin,
As sun beams dance across the yard.
The sky is clear, a dusty powder blue,
The covered ground, still cold and hard.

The geese call out as they fly overhead,
Home from their winter's long sojourn.
A robin brightly greets the world, a sign
Of hope, of nature new reborn.

Tulips poke out from the frosty gardens,
To drink, thirsty, the new spring air.
Children emerge, and happy, greet the sun,
Boots and t-shirts, clashing outer wear.

I stand there on this lovely springtime day,
I smile at the welcome scene,
I inhale deep; the scent of damp, sweet morning,
It smells like dog poo.

- Laura Freeman -
March 28, 2013


Bev said...

Oh my lord I laughed so hard that I was completely doubled over. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Hehehe... surprised you, did I? :)

Bev said...

Yes you did! And I told my parents, well I misquoted as I hadn't memorized the entire poem but I gave them the gist and they laughed so much too. And said definitely diapers with dog poo, over to the dogs' owners, make it happen. ;P