Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

We had a very nice, low-key Easter. NONE of our siblings managed to travel home for the long weekend so we really didn't do a lot of the "family thing". Which isn't always bad. Mom's still recovering from surgery so I think she was happy to skip the full turkey or ham dinner this year. And Cory's Dad was in a hockey tournament all weekend so they weren't really up to the dinner either.

So... we just played it quiet. In fact, we only left the house twice, once Friday morning to load up on weekly groceries, and Monday morning to drive to PG for brunch. The rest of the time was all family time with the kids.

Friday afternoon --- Mom and Dad drove out to help us colour eggs with the kids and decorate sugar cookies. Saturday we had a stay home day. Sunday we stayed home but I got a phone call at 7:30am from Mom who said they were already on the highway, heading out for breakfast! Monday we went to PG to have breakfast with the Freeman side of the family. They we did our usual errands in the city and came home early so that Cory could get some sleep before his midnight shift.
And now I'll shut up and share the photos. This first time Kirstin has coloured eggs. She was thrilled! She let Grandma do all the work, but she was pretty happy to watch and learn. She also learned that if you smack the egg on the table it makes a lovely criss-crossed patter on the shell...So serious...The survivors... I lost 4 in the boiling process.And the cookies... Yeah, believe it or not, he does think this is a good camera smile!

What the Easter Bunny left behind. Followed by "Hey, how'd a bunny get in the house? And how'd he carry all that? And how did he put the baskets on the couch?"... how much longer is the magic going to last with my little thinker? :)

Hee hee... poor Connor! Alex wouldn't let him fully wake-up before showing him what the Easter Bunny left him.

Our yummy Easter feast.Where we DO NOT blow bubbles....
And the APPROPRIATE place to blow bubbles!

Our annual egg hunt... the Easter Bunny hid them outside this year because there wasn't a food of snow or a giant swamp in the yard. Yay for early springs!
She got so excited about finding each egg, that she really didn't look too hard for any more.My most efficient little egg-hunter. Hey, leave some for the other kids to find...
And then, of course, it's not always the kids who want to "play"...Mom and I "played" while Grandpa was outside with the children. This is "Bargello" and probably the most challenging scrapbook technique I've ever attempted. It took us a couple of hours just to do these backgrounds. I'd say a definitive "never again" except that the pages turned out amazing... so I might not swear off it completely.Drawing in the cool colouring book the Easter Bunny gave him!
Cloud-watching after a full day (umm... or perhaps recovering from a chocolate coma)

Easter Monday... headed to PG to have brunch with Cory's parents. I dressed Kirstin up and couldn't resist posing her for a photo. Couldn't get her to smile, but I tried!

Cory with his Grandma. She's 92! (and I can tell you this without making her mad because she doesn't own a computer...) She had a pacemaker installed in January and has a new lease on life. She said "I feel like an eighty-year old again!" LOL

Snuggling with my boys. Sometimes it's important not too always be the one behind the camera... even though my other half doesn't take pictures from flattering angles. Ugh!

We swung by the hairdressers on the way home from PG. Connor's very proud of his new haircut. I hate seeing the sheepdog look go, because it makes him look like such a big boy... but now he can see again! :)

It was a very quiet, low-key Easter weekend. I hope yours were just as nice! :)