Sunday, 15 November 2015

Everyone's favourite meme...

Grumpy Cat!  I'm really pleased with this one. I'm going to have to make a few more of these. :)  I donated him to our humane society craft fair fundraiser.  This week I'll try to pump out a couple more hats for their fundraising efforts on Saturday.
(pattern credit to "MadebyMarji" Crochet Goods & More)

And here are a couple more I made, just for fun.   For my brother, on the occasion of his 35th birthday, "Nutty" from "Happy Tree Friends."   Holy, is that ever NOT a cartoon to watch with your children. :)
 And my crazy orange dwarf (or viking, not sure where I was going with this) for my husband to wear on Halloween.  I'm really pleased with this one! I was short on time (I started his costume on the 30th) so I adapted a store bought grey and black tuque to make the helmet (I do have to practice making horns, they're supposed to be pointier, but mine just kind of look phallic) and then, on Halloween morning, while bingewatching Glee episodes and ignoring my children (Holy crap, Glee, where have you been all my life?), I created the beard.
Combined with the 8 owl hats I made for our Brownies to don in the Remembrance Day parade, and the goal of 10 sock monkey hats before next GISHWHES, of which I'm at 8.5, I've been thoroughly enjoying this new passion.  I'm thinking that I will probably go out of the jewelry business after Christmas. I love the jewelry but I'm not a big fan of the promoting and peddling of it, nor am I any good at that part... and my collection is lovely now, so my desire for the "staff discount" has been satiated. I thought I'd try my hand at something more supply and demand, if someone wants something, I make it.  If not... well, knowing me, I'll probably make it anyway.  But I'm thinking (and this is actually the husband's idea, believe it or not :), a made-to-order crochet business. Something along the lines of "The Mad Hatter"... or "The Happy Crafter"... or "Laura's Kooky Tuques"...   Thoughts?  :)