Thursday, 15 May 2008

Kirstin Elizabeth

Kirstin Elizabeth Freeman - born May 11, 2008 - Our Mother's Day gift! :)
Saturday May 10th, we checked in to a hotel in Prince George and I asked Cory to take one last belly photo of me before my baby comes. This is me at 39 weeks!

... and the next photo I'm definitely slimmer, holding my little girl (around 3:45am) Sunday morning.

She's so beautiful and resting peacefully after her crazy night!

And, drumroll please.... 3442 grams... umm... what? Where' s my 10 pounder? This one topped the scales at 7 pounds 9 oz. She's not even close to her brother's weight!

Getting to know Daddy...

... and me... I actually look pretty good for the amount of sleep I got the night before.

I love this photo of Cory holding our little sleepy head (4 days old and she's still sleeping constantly)The obligatory photo of her "stats"

Posing in front of my Dad's pen pocket! ;)

I thought I'd better put a hat on her head as she kept shivering... unfortunately the one I packed was too big!

Our family of "5" - Wow... 4 years ago it was just the two of us eagerly awaiting Alex's birth, still almost 3 months away! Funny how fast life moves once the kids start coming!

Connor, taking his new role as "big brother" very seriously!

And Alex, and old pro at being a big brother, loves holding his baby sister.

Now, off to bed while I still have a chance to catch some winks! I'll post more photos later. Thanks for checking in here, those of you who still do!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Thursday, 1 May 2008

More randomness...

Well, it's May 1st today! I've always enjoyed May. It "usually" signals the beginning of spring for us, green grass, hot weather, flowers... leaves returning to the trees... so of course yesterday when we woke up to snow everywhere I was a bit disappointed. Today, however, renewed optimism has returned to my house! The sun is shining, we can go outside in sweaters, not coats, and the edge of the lawn is starting to look a bit green, finally. No flowers, no buds... but there's hope!

So... in celebration of kissing winter good-bye (knock on wood) here's highlights of our dreary April! This will probably be my last post before the baby arrives but when that happens, I'm sure I'll start using my camera excessively again! :)

Birthday party aftermath...

Visiting with our only cousin, Brandon (he's 4.5 months older than our Connor).

Alex and Cory made Easter eggs cupcakes. Alex had fun going sprinkle crazy. Unfortunately, the icing was expired and had a nasty plastic-y taste to it (I hate small-town grocery stores... everything's always expired and we forgot to check this one) so his works of art sat out for a few days to be admired then landed in the garbage can.

Fun with tatoos (fake of course, jeez, he's only 3!)...
And one for the new baby, thanks Alex! (It says "What's your story?)

Here we are at 36 weeks. I should really post a more recent one, but I missed 37 weeks and now am rounding 38 weeks, so I might as well wait until then to take it.

And one of Connor perched on my parents' fireplace, just cause I think he's gorgeous! ;)