Friday, 23 March 2007

Too many toys!!!

What do you think? Do my children have too many stuffed animals?

I came home from an outing with Connor to this sight... and no sign of Alex anywhere... hmmm...

but I was able to dig him out... no harm done! LOL

Alex has an "evil laugh" (it's cute really) so I always know when he is up to something. I can't turn my back on him for a minute unless Connor is sleeping safely out of reach, or he does stuff like this...

One time I found Connor with several stickers stuck to his head and Alex giggling his face off. I wish I'd thought to grab my camera then. Connor takes it all in stride and now is starting to smile and make, what I hope, are laughing sounds... which only encourages his big brother to further antagonize him! :)

I also discovered this on the table... looks like my boys got creative while I was out, too! :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

All grown up...

Wow, what a difference a winter makes. The last time I took Alex to the playground --- before Halloween (our first snowstorm was before Halloween and it still hasn't melted yet), he was unable to climb monkey bars, hold on to the swings, and didn't have the nerve to try the tire. Look at him now. We went to the playground yesterday for the first time since last fall. Wow, he's all grown up! Last time all he did was dig in the dirt and go down the slide a few times.

Of course... maybe I'm rushing him a little bit. I decided that yesterday would be a good day to teach Alex to ride the trike that Mom and Dad gave him... here's one of his attempts! Maybe he's not so grown up after all! :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Through the eyes of a toddler...

Or an "almost preschooler" I guess... whatever the title he falls into, it's a wonderful age, albeit a messy one!

I myself don't particularly enjoy the late February early March melt that seems to last forever each year... but it's very warm and spring-like today (when the wind wasn't gusting and blowing dust in our faces) so we decided to enjoy "Mr. Sunny" while we could. Today on our walk the only rule I enforced was to stay on the side of the road. Everything else was fair game as we were both dressed in "play clothes". Alex picked which direction he wanted us to go... and he set the pace.

"This is wonderful... a mud lake" he said, as he came across a particularly deep one! :)

Connor was oblivious to this mucky excursion as he slept the whole time, and continues to sleep as I type.