Saturday, 19 May 2007


Well, we just took our first road trip with two boys. Turns out that our car, although very fuel efficient (one of our reasons for buying it) is not ideal for road trips... a little on the crowded side! :) Cory's brother moved his family to Kamloops last fall and this is our first opportunity to go there and visit. We spent a couple of days enjoying our little nephew and visiting Mark and Victoria.

The three boys are enjoying a story from Aunty Victoria. Alex is 2 and almost 10 months, Brandon is 9 months, and Connor is 4.5 months. For the differences in ages, they got along very well with one another!

Aunty Victoria took us to this great playground at the local elementary school. We had fun posing the boys for "cousin" pictures. Here's a double slide that I managed to convince Alex to pose on before he rushed off to play again.

Connor's first time in a swimming pool... he enjoyed himself so much --- he dozed off in my arms! :)"The grass is always greener..." Here are my boys enjoying Brandon's way cool toys!

This was my Mother's Day photo. Cory took it of us right before bed.

My little travellers... Alex is engrossed in a DVD and Connor, less than enthused, is just hanging out!

Connor's first time on a swing. He's still a little young because he can't hold himself steady so I had to pack him in with his blanket. We managed a few smiles, but I should give him a few more months.

All in all, we had a nice weekend and the boys did really well with the long drive. We stopped lots and enjoyed the warm weather on the way down and the way back.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

4 months old...

Whoops... here it goes... I'm starting to neglect this blog! It's only a matter of time now before I forget about it completely.

Alex has started gymnastics in PG so we're driving there now on Saturdays. He seems to like it, but plays shy a bit around the teacher. It's parent and tot, though, so one of us goes in with him. We're back to library time again... Rhyme Time is always fun. This will be Alex's last session and then he'll be 36 months and have to go with the older kids. That'll be different because for that one, parents are NOT included! :) Everything changes when he's 3... he has to become independent! Wow!

Connor is growing and learning new things every day. He's can roll from his tummy to his back (propelled by the weight of his larger than average head, no doubt) and works very hard to get from his back to his front --- so far unsuccessful, but close. He has become a SHRIEKER and loves the sound of his own voice. It's so cute! Giggles are few and far between. He's a very serious little boy, so when we succeed in making him laugh it's like hitting the jackpot!

For your viewing pleasure... here are some recent photos: