Saturday, 28 June 2008

"But it's still morning!"

Bedtimes are a bit challenging these days, now that it is light out until almost 11pm (not to mention the ungodly hour that the sun rises again!) Alex often protests, "But it's still morning!" when I tell him that it's time to get ready for bed. Not that I can blame him, with the sun at the back of the house, it really is hard to convince the kids that the light streaming in the windows at 8pm is signalling an end to the day. Not that I'm complaining... beats winter when I drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark.

Alas, though, a new dilemma! I time our trips to the city so that I can head home at bedtime. We hang out at the Grandparents' homes until 8 and I get them in their pyjamas before we hit the road. Connor always falls asleep during the hour drive and Alex does most of the time. Cory and I are usually able to carry the boys from the car to their beds, asleep. I consider this a night off! With two, now three, bedtime rituals to complete, it takes me the better part of the evening to tuck everyone in, so on nights that we plunk 'em in their beds already in pj's and asleep, I'm cheering!

So there's my lead up... this past trip to PG, my well executed plan failed! We were driving into the sun the entire time and both boys decided, despite it being 9:30, that it wasn't time to sleep, it was time to party!

Hee hee... here's my "middle kid" or my "youngest boy" or my "older baby" rockin' out in his carseat. (Cory would argue that you can't rock out to John Michael Montgomery, but hey, my blog, my music!)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Come to my house for dinner!

Here's your official invitation... we're having spaghetti!

...well, Martha Stewart would disapprove but at least I know Connor likes my cooking! The laundry on the counter is for added ambiance!

Still more randomness...

Some people are really with it and write blog entries with themes... like "first steps" or "cloth diapers" or "why fly lady doesn't work for me" --- okay, I made that one up... probably should write about that one day, the woman is definitely not a new(er) Mom who works outside of the home... but I digress. People with themed blog entries are very organized and amusing (or informative). Well, I guess that's not me. Unless "my children" is a theme. I think it's a little to generic to be classified as such, so for your amusement, here's more random photos of my tots!

Ready to hit the road after enjoying my Dad's 60th Birthday Party. Happy Birthday Dad!

Child Labour at my parents house. My goofy boys actually enjoyed this yardwork. Not sure how much help they were with their plastic tools, but it's pretty cute.

Are you taking another photo of me? Why I oughtta...

Painting with the paints Aunty Victoria gave Connor for Christmas. Thank goodness they're washable and non-toxic, cause by the end of the session Connor's tongue, lips, and cheeks were blue. That kid puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Thanks Vic... ;)

Kirstin does NOT like to bath. It's a necessary evil, but somewhat humiliating to have to bath in a plastic tub in the kitchen sink.

Alex reading to his little brother... well, naming the pictures, anyway. Connor can't tell that his brother is illiterate, and we're not going to spoil that image.

In May Connor learned how to climb ladders to the top bunk. Oh dear...

This girl can sleep anywhere!

So can her Daddy!

This is a dress that I apparently wore when I was a baby. Can't believe I was every that tiny! Kirstin was tinier. I was 8lbs 4 oz at birth. My daughter has JUST finally passed that weight. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

What was I thinking? I always have to wash the floor after we eat spaghetti.... and the table, and the chairs, and the wall... and the kids, and the bathtub...

My babies! Connor's brushing his teeth. Pretty clever huh? Actually, he's chewing the bristles and swallowing the toothpaste, but don't tell anyone.

Oh hold on, incoming toothbrush!
Hmm... maybe it's time to confiscate that brush... the things that can be used as weapons around here often take me by surprise.

And one more cause she's cute! I have to admit, I'm enjoying the pink. After two boys it's kind of fun to go "girly". I'm already itching to start her photo album. After 4 years of having to match my paper to photos heavy on the blue side, Kirstin's pages are going to be a breath of fresh air! Wonder how long she's going to let me dress her in pinks and pastels before she threatens to walk out?