Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 13

On the first day of a New Year, my family spent the day......celebrating Connor's fourth birthday! Connor's new band instrumentsSkating with Grandpa Charlie

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas break (which has gone far too quickly for my tastes), this family of mine...

... rang in the New Year with Ontario at nine!

We celebrated New Year's Eve by having a "crazy hat supper". I know, I know, pretty goofy, but I was unable to locate the New Year's party hats and favours we enjoyed last year, so we improvised by raiding our Halloween costume stash. Kirstin chose to wear my pink ball cap, a decision I'm kind of regretting now because it's covered in pizza sauce.

Then we woke up Cory in time for the whole family to gather in the living room and watch the ball drop in my brother's time zone. We raided the toy box for noisemakers (read children's musical toys) and general cacaphony ensued! :)

Must have been some crazy celebrating going on here, because when I checked on the boys just after real midnight, this is what I saw:

Connor passed out on the floor

Alex sleeping on the wrong side of the bed with his butt on the pillow, blanketless.
Happy 2011! :)