Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Growing like a weed...

And no, I'm not talking about my children this time. It's me... alas, I fear that this baby is taking over my body and rapidly outgrowing her comfy home.

My firstborn was a very healthy size, 22.5 inches tall and 10lbs 1/2 oz in weight. I thought I couldn't possibly get any bigger than I was... but it was only the beginning. (I haven't got any photos to share because I didn't have a digital camera at the time so all of my belly photos with Alex, which I took religiously every 2-4 weeks, are already scrapbooked).

Two and a half years later, my second son was born... shorter than Alex at 22 inches tall... but tipping the scales at 10 pounds 14 1/2 ounces. At 33 weeks I figured I'd better get my butt in gear and start taking belly photos since I officially looked like I did full term (actually overdue) with Alex. Here's my 33 week Connor photo...

He hung around for another 7 weeks and arrived on his due date. Here's what I looked like at the end with him... (well, technically 10 days before he arrived... it was 38 weeks 4 days)

And here I am now... 13 months after Connor arrive, expecting again... no idea how big this little one is going to be. I am 26 weeks, 3 days pregnant, still 13 1/2 weeks to go and I think this one will be giving Alex and Connor a run for their money. I certainly haven't hit my biggest belly photo yet, but I do believe I'm well on the way!

You be the judge! :)