Thursday, 5 February 2009

My kids are hitting new milestones daily!

We're very excited with her new ability to crawl... it's sooo cute! She can also pull herself up to standing if I sit in front of her and hold my hands out for her. She hasn't quite mastered furniture yet.

I think that I find the crawling stage so endearing because Alex only crawled for two weeks. He used to roll around the house to get where he wanted and then he went from crawling to walking so fast, we kind of missed it. Connor was a champion crawler, crawling for three months before he decided to take his first steps and I just adored it. Kirstin is about the same age as him, so maybe we'll get a couple of months out of her, too. I guess we'll see what happens.

Connor - on his second birthday. He has mastered the art of, well... tooting his own horn, I guess. He's talking up a storm, and while it's still pretty unintelligible, he has a huge vocabulary now and can get his point across quite well! :)

Alex can print all of his letters. Here's a Valentine he made for me today. It says "Happy Valentines Day". I figure that he'll learn spacing and stuff when he gets to Kindergarten. I'm just tickled that he can print letters.

And drawing!!! Just a few short weeks ago Alex was still a scribbler. Suddenly, he can colour (almost in the lines) and draw picture after picture after picture. This one is a boy and a Mama in a house eating caeser salad and ice cream cones at the table.

And, for your viewing pleasure... here's another one. And, yes, I do know I sing off-key... blame the the Martin gene. I'm okay with it, I have other talents!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww, your children are priceless. That's a different verison of Pop Goes the Weasel, I like that, how the monkey stops to pull up his socks, too cute! I love the poppers too!! LOL! Your daughter is a sweetheart. :) Thanks for sharing pieces of your childrens' lives. :) :)