Thursday, 17 October 2013

Crazy Hair Day

An annual tradition at my children's school is "Crazy Hair Day."  This year was actually pretty fun because Kirstin has long hair, so we had something to work with.  She decided she wanted four pony tails and a braid.  She also insisted that I NOT brush her hair that morning.  
 Connor chose to wear a wig that his brother gave him last year.  I made him swear up and down that he wouldn't let any of his classmates try it on.  He promised he wouldn't.  So... let's hope no nasty critters come home on his head in the next few days.

Yesterday, coincidentally, we got the dreaded "One of the student's in your child's class has head lice..." - my deepest public school related fear.  Not necessarily that my kids will catch lice, but that they'll catch it and pass it on to me.  I can pick their scalps if I have to, but how the heck can I do my own... if you've met me you'll know that I have been cursed with insanely thick hair.

So, yeah, I was all like "You can take the wig to school, but don't you dare let anyone touch it..."

And then there is poor Alex.  We wet his hair down, applied liberal amounts of goopy gel, tousled it, scrunched it, shaped it... finished off with mousse... and in the end, he had a lovely bunch of curls.  Just exactly like he does right after coming out of the swimming pool or the rain.  He looked like... well, like Alex!  So I bobby pinned a card to his forehead, at the last minute.  It was lame, but he seemed pleased. 
 Brooklynn didn't want to be left out of the action, she posed for me, too.  Here's baby bed-head.  That's pretty much always what her hair looks like... but don't tell her! :)

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