Saturday, 30 January 2016

P is for Pizza

So we came across this sign on the back of our local pizza place last night.  Yes, I'll admit it, Friday nights are pretty much always "take out" nights.  I hate cooking on Fridays.  There's nothing particularly different about a Friday than any other weekend night, but Fridays just feel like a good night to let someone else handle the dishes. Anyway, I digress.  

I had my three year old with me.  She likes go on any errand I go on, be it picking up pizza, getting groceries, running into the post office, the bank,  the dump... I'm going to miss that when she outgrows it.   So she sees this sign on the back of the building and says, very matter-of-factly, "That means P is bad!"

I look to see what she's pointing at and I'm a bit taken aback, and pretty impressed, that she can identify the letter P.  I agreed, "Yes, it kind of does!"  That seems to be a good enough interpretation for her.

"P is bad, so no P here!"  She continues.

And then it clicks for her and she figures out why this sign is hanging on the pizza restaurant... "P is bad to eat!  They don't put P on their pizzas!"  she triumphantly explains.  And she's so proud of her ability to translate the sign a that I'm not going to tell her otherwise (especially since I'd parked right in front of the sign.)

So, come on down to the Cozy Corner Pizza Parlour where you can rest assured that they will not P on your pizza!  The sign says so!

I almost P'ed myself laughing...

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