Wednesday, 29 October 2008


So, looking for inspiration for myself and my 4-year old, we googled "jack o'lantern designs". I found this really neat site (I think I've seen it before in various emails, but it totally bears sharing once again!

Check out

Here's a few of the photos we added to our favourites to try, if not this year, perhaps in the next couple of years!

Of course, both of my youngest woke up from their naps, so all we managed was to empty the guts out of one pumpkin and carve the lid out of the second. But that's progress, perhaps tomorrow we'll manage to finish them.

And for a bit of a sneak preview, I think we're going to have a Cinderella (albeit a bald one), a spiderman (although he's refusing to wear the mask and with the winter coats we tend to have to wear Halloween he might not be that convincing) and a frog prince (occasionally frog princes have tantrums too).

Happy Halloween!

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