Thursday, 20 November 2008

Santa's on his way...

As I was strolling through the Co-op this morning I was overcome by a feeling of festiveness. Grocery stores in November tend to do that to me. I resisted the urge to toss a bucket of red and green jelly beans in my basket, instead I swung by the hardware store and stocked up on multi-colour outdoor replacement lights. I'm very excited! This will be our 4th Christmas in this house and this year, we're not going to have any burnt out lights on the house! Our excuse for our shoddy, half-lit Christmas lights display has always been that we don't have a ladder to change the lights that were on the house when we moved in. This year we have a ladder, so it is my goal to look a little less Charlie Brown this year.

We've taken the armchair approach to Christmas shopping this year, and I have to say, so far I am truly enjoying the experience. We shopped and are currently shopping now at . Can't beat the line-ups, and shipping and handling is cheaper than the gas it would cost to get to the mall. Yup, this might be the most organized shopping season yet for me. I even called the Toys 'R Us in Kamloops to see if they had two items that aren't available online and my sister-in-law picked them up for us and is sending them to PG with her sister. We're pretty much down to gifts for our siblings and stocking stuffers.

So, with a little help from my sister-in-law, Santa will be delivering this to my boys this year! Isn't it cool???

And our little girl will be getting one of these...

We've had fun googling puppets and have found a few that might just be great to have. Chapters has a neat selection of Sesame Street puppets. I think Gingerbread Toys has some animal ones. The theatre comes with 2, so we'll wait and see what's included before Santa makes any more decisions. There's also a neat website that has a huge selection of hand puppets (and marionettes, but not for my youngsters, thank you) that are pretty clever. They have everything from dragons to Bible characters. Can you picture a Mary Magdalene puppet show? Anyway, we're sticking with the non-denominational puppets for this year ;) and I'm looking forward to many years of impromptu puppet shows in our living room. I know Alex, and soon enough, his trusty sidekick, Connor, won't disappoint!

Now, who's going to ship Christmas baking to our door?

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Anonymous said...

I did that a few years back, started on Dec 1st as shipping and handling was free then - through Canadian Tire and chapters.indigo sites. It was great. The gifts you chose look super. Love the theatre one. I pretty well have it sorted out from buying through the year and tomorrow, plan to hit the local crafts sales. I don't feel like Christmas though, guess I have to do some decorating. ;)