Saturday, 12 April 2014


Just had a great day!  Mom and Dad came for a visit.  We haven't seen them since sometime in February.  A couple weekends were too wintery to drive and then the plague wiped out my children for a couple of weeks.  Now spring is in the air and everyone is feeling great, so it was time for a long overdue visit.

They arrived quite early while we were still doing our 'race around madly and tidy to trick them into thinking we're not slobs' Saturday morning routine (did you know that according to the old party game 'slangteasers' the actual word for that is "scurryfung").  Then Mom, Kirstin and I drove up to Fort St. James to go to a Miche handbag party.  It was awesome! I spent too much money on purses.  Gotta love purses!  Then we drove home via the swans in the farm field and stopped to take a few photos.  Then we all spent the afternoon outside assembling the kids' Christmas gift, a trampoline!  Mom made a delicious dinner and then it was back outside to finish the trampoline before it was too dark.  Then tucking my tired bounced out, fresh air-faced children in, saying farewell to my parents and here it is 11pm and I haven't even thought about my poem for the day.

So... in an effort to be brief, here is a "Cinquain", one of my least favourite poems, next to 'free verse'.  So easy I must be cheating!!!

I'll try harder tomorrow! :)

The hour
Just sat down
No time to write

Good poems
Too tired tonight,
Time for a dud

Are overrated
These are easier
Poems can be quick

-Laura Freeman-
-April 12, 2014-

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