Sunday, 14 April 2013

#14 - The Sound of Silence / Restoration

This poem is a two-parter.  Up early this morning, I wrote my poem inspired by the power outage we are having (our fourth this weekend).  After breakfast, I decided that I would write an amendment to it.  So, basically, you get two poems for the price of one today!  A bargain as zero times two is still - free!  :)  
#14 A - The Sound of Silence

Silence Fills the air,
No hum of background,
Groaning in my ears,
Just the coos of a babe awake,
An absence of noise,
Recharging me.

Dim light, naturally
Through the window illuminates the morn,
And it is adequate.
The air is cool, but not cold.
Natural fibres warm,
Recharging me.

Chores can wait,
Unable to run appliances,
Books and toys to rediscover,
Unplugged family time,
A spring walk perchance?
Recharging me.

Random uncertainty,
When the air will come alive,
We wait, candles ready,
We entertain ourseves,
Eat foods raw and whole,
Recharging me.

An absence of noise,
An absence of responsibility,
In the early morning hours,
Of a crisp spring day,
The absence of power,
It recharges me.

  - Laura Freeman -
     April 14, 2013

#14 B - Restoration

The sudden hum,
A return of white noise,
Background fills my ears,
Children awake now, require care
The house, buzzing currents
Draining me.

Artificial light restored,
The house comes ablaze,
Excessive it seems.
The furnace hums, smells of heat
Layered clothing, heavy with warmth,
Draining me.

The carpet needs vacuuming,
The laundry, utters its beckoning call,
Children need bathing.
The treadmill calls to me.
Draining me.

Less than two hours,
And the air comes alive,
The children, relieved
Electronics restored,
Cooking for them again,
Draining me.

The return of noise,
Means the return of responsibility.
Weekend oppression,
I'll tackle my to-do list,
The return of power,
It drains me.

- Laura Freeman -
     April 14, 2013

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Bev said...

That's interesting the flip from one environment to the other, you illustrated wonderfully with your words.