Saturday, 27 April 2013

#27 - An Abecedarian Mess

Ample toys my children own,
Because we're idiots,
Cluttering up every surface,
Damn, what rhymes with idiots?

Everything is all about,
Fu...dge, there's dishes in the sink!
Garbage needs to be taken out,
Heaping piles are starting to stink!

In crevices or under beds,
Just get it out of sight,
Keep it or throw it out,
Let's start the weekly fight.

Messy messes, everywhere
Nary a tidy spot, I'm reeling...
Oh wait, that's not entirely true
Please stop to admire the ceiling!

Quickly pick up all this crap,
Really need to wash the floor,
Shove the laundry in the hall,
Toss the rest behind the door.

Unless we go on one of those home makeover shows,
Verily, this is how every Saturday goes.

We're raising little hoarders,
X'actly like us, hanging on to shit,
Yes, we can't keep our house in order...
Zoos would even have a fit!
            - Laura Freeman -
               April 27, 2013
**Yesterday's poem, by the way, was an Erasure of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"**

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