Monday, 15 April 2013

#15 - What She Does Instead

Today's challenge was as follows:

"And now our (again — totally optional) prompt! Today, I challenge you to write a pantun. Not a pantoum— though they are related. The pantun is a traditional Malay form, a style of which was later adapted into French and then English as the pantoum. A pantun consists of rhymed quatrains (abab), with 8-12 syllables per line. The first two lines of each quatrain aren’t meant to have a formal, logical link to the second two lines, although the two halves of each quatrain are supposed to have an imaginative or imagistic connection. "

And my inspiration comes from an email I sent to my Aunt last night in which I said, "I have too many hobbies" - Like that could ever be possible.  So, in the spirit of poking fun at myself, here's today's offering (with a little hyperbole and a lot more truth than I care to admit):

The laundry collects on the bathroom floor,
A hamper, over full, spews clothes.
In the morning she writes just one poem more,
In her evening hours she writes prose.

The food in the fridge is a guessing game, 
Weekly grocery shopping undone.
Her photos and pages call out her name,
Scrapbooking another passion.

Vacuum unused, there's crumbs on the carpet,
They're tell tale signs that don't lie.
She's learned to crochet; a baby blanket,
The nephew is due in July.

Layers of dust indicate furniture age,
Fingerprints, like the scene of a crime.
Currently in a "Jodi Picoult" stage,
She's reading three books at one time.

Outgrown clothes, boxes in various states,
Some to donate and some to pitch.
She sits and she wonders, while she creates,
When did she last do her cross stitch?

  - Laura Freeman -
     April 15, 2013

1 comment:

Bev said...

Cute, fun poem. :)

ps: one can never have too many hobbies