Saturday, 6 April 2013

#6 It's grocery day!

Two of them vote pizza,

One wants mac and cheese,

One suggests spaghetti,

How `bout Fruit Loops, please?

Candy, cake, and cookies

The fourth just smiles at me.

Two suggest waffles,

Grilled cheese shouts the third,

One suggests PB and J,

Fruit Loops, again, I think I heard.

Three agree on crackers,

The fourth one doesn't say a word.

Pizza is now unanimous,

Rice Krispies would be fine,

Please can we have ice cream

Chocolate milk is so divine.

Pasta, bagels, tacos,

The fourth one starts to whine.

I envisioned broccoli,

Maybe chicken, rice or fish,

So much for group consensus,

On the weekly grocery list.

Next week I`ll plan it myself,

The family nutritionist.

- Laura Freeman -
April 6, 2013


Anita said...

Always knew you were talented! These are great!

Bev said...

Yup leave the decision to you, although Fruit Loops all day, every day sounds good to me. ;P